Hiring the right executives and mid-managers is essential and yet even the best selection process cannot reveal the hidden traits of winning candidates. At PAUL ALEXANDER we enhance the talent management experience by working with Optimal Assessments & Consulting Inc. (™) by using the ASSESS System. The system adds objectivity to the selection process, helping us to work with you to evaluate every critical ingredient, including candidates’ innate characteristics and learned skills.


Define Success – Competencies Define Superior Performance

Using the ASSESS Competency Library; we will work with you to create a common language for success for your employee, department or organization. Our rapid, no-hassle method of creating flexible models ensures high performance standards and aligns talent with business strategy.


ASSESS Systems Reports

Our extensive set of tests include personality assessments and a customized behavioural interview with questions exploring each candidate’s strong and weak points. We also conduct simulations presenting real-life on-the-job scenarios your new executive may encounter. ASSESS reports adds objectivity to help our clients and search consultants make crucial selection decisions.


Use ASSESS for Selection (Hiring)

The ASSESS Selection process identifies the personality traits of a candidate that are likely to help/hinder the individual’s ability to be successful in a given role.

A report can be created to help focus a behavioural interview by providing questions specifically linked to competencies plus customized questions based on the candidate’s results.  Selection reports also include management suggestions or coaching tips, which can be used if the candidate is hired.

The ASSESS Group 360 Report shows aggregate results for all individuals for whom a 360 was generated and that were rated against the same model. It is also designed to help improve team performance and complements both the ASSESS Group Summary Report and Team Effectiveness Plot.