Performance management is a strategic tool used to promote a high performance, effective organization. It ensures that individual employee’s efforts are focused on the priorities and strategies set out in the corporate and departmental business plans. It directs efforts towards effectiveness and away from merely being ‘busy’.

Performance management programs are a sophisticated and simple way for managers and HR professionals to keep current of ever evolving employee contributions and developmental needs.

Our Performance Management and evaluation programs allow organizations to focus on:

  1. Implementing a performance management program:
    • Design and Alignment
    • Approval Processes
    • Communication
    • Training
    • Administration and Support
  2. Working with management teams to focus employees to understand where they add value in order to do a better job and become more engaged and effective. Work with managers to clearly communicate what they expect from their employees, and how these expectations tie into compensation.
  3. Develop and implement a performance management system designed to enable organizations to optimize their business performance and measure their success through real-time, corporate reporting dashboards. At PAUL ALEXANDER we use the ASSESS System which is a web-based platform allowing employees (with the appropriate security rights) to access the software from anywhere in the world via internet.  Every business and organization should have a performance management system, with the following common elements:
    • Employee development
    • Salary and compensation review
    • Personal performance
    • Business performance objectives for individuals and teams

To learn more about Optimal ASSESS please check out our tools  section.