Competency modeling is the activity of determining the specific competencies that are characteristic of high performance and success in a given job and specific organization.  In addition to intelligence and aptitude, the underlying characteristics of a person, such as traits, habits, motives, social roles, and self-image, as well as the environment around them, enable a person to deliver superior performance in a given job or role.

Competency modeling can be applied to a variety of human capital initiatives and is a building block for an integrated talent management program within an organization.

A successful competency model initiative allows an organization to:

  • Be consistent with what you hire people for and train them in
  • Determine what you measure performance against
  • Develop leadership potential
  • Identify competency gaps in mission-critical occupations
  • Focus on success factors that distinguish top performance and identify effective and in-effective behaviours for each competency at all levels of the organization

We can demonstrate organizations how to identify their core competencies and how to apply this data to improve performance of existing and future leaders. Using the ASSESS system we can customize to accommodate differing levels within an organization.

Our Leadership Competency Modeling process includes the following:

  • Competency Development Process include: facilitated sessions with our senior talent management consultants to identify the key leadership competencies for your organization. We work with the senior management team to develop a comprehensive list of skills, knowledge and experiences that mark the description of a “successful” leader within their organization or department.
  • Developing the behaviours associated with each competency: We help you develop the behavioural descriptions associated with the above-mentioned competencies so that the competencies are measurable.
  • Comparing leaders and high potentials against the competencies: We conduct a 360-degree feedback process to assess each leader on the above competencies to evaluate performance and identify any performance gaps between the desired end state and the employee’s current profile.
  • Alleviate the gap between the competency and leadership performance: Our assessment will determine any performance gaps and identify development opportunities for each leader or high potential employee.