Many companies are beginning to understand that leadership training is not just for the top executive anymore.  Sustaining peak performance requires a firm-wide commitment to developing leaders that is tightly aligned to organizational objectives. Whether preparing for the impending retirement of baby boomers or gearing up for growth, high potential development programs are essential to ensure that organizations have the executive bench strength required to guide their companies seamlessly into the future.

The purpose of our Leadership and High Potential Development Programs are to balance practical leadership with the teachings and research of science. We offer leadership development programs that show the importance of building both human and social capital in organizations. Many companies recognize that one of the keys to long-term competitiveness lies in leadership and that effective leadership is required in today’s chief executives not only in the boardroom, but on the front line and everywhere in between.

We utilize our comprehensive and customized assessment and coaching process to help leaders gain greater clarity on their strengths and weaknesses. We also help executives gain the same perspective on their rising talent. Combining such perspective with impactful coaching, allows us to help organizations better understand current and future leadership needs and how best to help the organization reach its potential.

Specific programs include:

  • 360-degree feedback
  • Executive coaching
  • Mentoring and networking
  • Job assignments and action learning